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"Our job is to make riding fun. Simplifying bicycle controls and operation is one of the best ways to guarantee grins. Slidepad’s braking system accomplishes just that: it's simpler to operate than standard two lever braking systems while offering improved braking performance for a safer, more controlled, more fun ride."

Greg Webber

VP of Product, Jamis Bicycles

"A friend turned my wife and I onto Slidepad when we decided to start biking again along the trail near our house. My wife had always been afraid to use her front brake because of fear of going over the bars. Slidepad is a great solution to this fear and is something we recommend to others getting back into biking."


Recreational Rider

“I have been using Slidepad on my bike for about a year now. It makes the brakes easy to control and allows me to focus more on my surroundings as I commute.”


Everyday Commuter

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